Asetek SimSports



Asetek brings innovation & simplicity to a fragmented market

Technical, mechanical and electronic expertise
As the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for high performance gaming and enthusiasts PCs, and environmentally aware data centers, we innovate. Since our inception, we have used the three branches of expertise to define, develop and manufacture liquid cooling products.

And now, we are utilizing our core technical, mechanical, electronic, software capabilities to expand into SimSports, by developing a complete state-of-the-art product offering made simple and affordable.

20 years of innovation
Twenty plus years ago, we took the market by storm by innovating a new approach to overcoming the performance limitations caused by processors running red hot. And, we continue to invent today. Premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe with more than 8 million coolers in the marketplace, as of early 2021.

Our AIO liquid coolers can be found in high-end gaming PC’s and official eSports tournament machines. They are sought-after by enthusiasts for their reliable operation, ease-of-use and pervasive PC cooling. And, our liquid cooling technology is installed in some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. Whether researching next-gen pump designs or new fluid types, or optimizing radiator or cold plate designs, we innovate so that users can enjoy high performance cooling for gaming and professional applications.

Bringing tried and tested simplicity to a new market
As we did with liquid cooling in the early 2000s, Asetek is developing a complete SimSports product offering, made simple and affordable. We plan to offer a premium plug-and-play system, incorporating hardware and integrating software, which the end user can use right out of the box.

SimSports products are typically purchased by DIY and Enthusiast PC customers building their own systems or buying tailor made PCs. The complementary nature of the additional market, products and end-users provides a unique opportunity for Asetek as we expand into SimSports. We’re bringing our R&D and manufacturing aptitude and passion for excellence as we define, develop and manufacture premium and plug-and-play products to the SimSports market.