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Carsoe designs and produces products for the food processing industry.

Our knowledge goes back to 1976, which gives us more than 40 years of experience. An experience, we use, and put into every single product.

Our core competence, is Your need – as we are able to deliver both standard components, or custom made solutions. All handcrafted according to our strict Danish quality standard.

We design and produce a wide range of solutions, available as standard or custom made:

• Denesters
• Conveyor belts
• Screw conveyors
• Vertical screw conveyors
• Lifters
• Swing-loaders
• Portioning devices
• Trolleys & Containers

We aim for versatility and efficiency in everything we do, which enables us to put our expertise in one-off solutions at your disposal.

We manufacture retail, customised, and OEM solutions for satisfied key suppliers of food processing equipment across the world.

At Carsoe, we are in full control of the entire process from product development through manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales service.

Carsoe is your international partner for creative and functional solutions for the food processing industry.

Despite our success, we are still solidly founded in the Danish tradition of craftsmanship.